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How Many Diets, Weight Loss Gizmos, Or Workouts Have You Tried Since Setting Your 2017 New Year Resolutions?
A lot!

BUT the truth according to a recent study is 71% of women are overweight or obese. They’re storing at least an extra 20, 40, or even 100+ pounds of fat on their frames!  

Until now fat loss followed the same old Eat Less, Exercise More mantra. This makes diets very much like Lays chips- betcha can’t just use one!
The Truth Is Diets ARE 
NOT Made To Work!
Diets aren’t working for you because you do not have a weight loss problem.  

Your Lean Switch just isn’t on! Let me explain...

Diets are are made to remove the last stubborn ounces of fat from professionals such as bodybuilders, bikini models, and so on.  

That may sound like a good thing for you- but it isn’t.

See, models diet for a few weeks to look good for just a few hours for a shoot or event.  

In truth, even with dieting, these models MUST avoid water and food for the day of their event. 

 Plus, they use all the industry “secrets” to look even better. 

That means tanning, exercising, and standing under the hot lamps.

Even with all that nearly every picture taken is photoshopped too!

Not to mention, these strict diets demand strict discipline.  

Sure, these professionals have more discipline than most. But they also are given fistfuls of cash to get into the best shape possible.

“In Just 2 Weeks I Slid Right Back Into My Old Jeans =)”
“In just 2 weeks I slid right back into my old jeans =)!!!

I tried cutting carbs, cutting fat, and even cutting calories but nothing ever worked to lose those last few pounds. I even religiously went to spin and bootcamp classes at the gym 5 times a week!

The Lean Switch gave me the freedom to eat what I enjoy and still lose weight. Without any “diet blind spots” I have a simple effective way to lose weight and keep losing weight and am LOVING the results."

Elaine S, Age 48

Middle School Teacher
“In Just 4 Weeks I Went From 17% Bodyfat To Only 13% Bodyfat."
“In just 4 short weeks I went from 17% bodyfat to only 13% bodyfat using Zack’s Lean Switch.”  

After struggling with losing fat by trying the diets that made the most sense I’m glad to have a simple solution. Especially since I work late nights and travel playing music it’s tough to find healthy options and work out consistently.  

Thanks so much for providing me with a killer fat loss solution that still let’s me enjoy grilling up a burger and drinking a beer a few times a week. 
Zach Austin Professional Bass Guitarist

Zach A, Age 22

Professional Bass Guitarist
“The Lean Switch Taught Me How To Eat “Smarter” Instead Of Eating Less Like Other Diets.”

“The Lean Switch taught me how to eat “smarter” instead of eating less like other diets.

Before I ALWAYS ate as if I’m racing someone. In fact, when I’m eating at restaurants, my dad would always told me to slow down especially since I wasn’t at home.  

I was also guilty with the emotional eating. I realized I was eating a TON of junk food because it’s linked to a good memory I’ve had in the past.

If you’re SERIOUS about eating healthier and losing weight, than I recommend you check out Zack’s videos. "

Kenneth C, 24

Online Entrepreneur
If You Got $1,000,000 To Be Fit
 You Would Have Abs Too!
I’ve discovered with my clients, the research, and myself one truth. Fat loss is all about keeping fat off. Because losing fat is surprisingly simple.

Everyone I talk to can recount the magic diet that worked. You’re probably picturing it now. You worked hard. Skipped dessert. Went to the gym. And you saw results.
But Then Did Life Get In Your Way? 
Maybe the summer ended. Work dominates your evening cooking time, so you order out instead.  

Maybe you decided it’s ok to treat yourself. Just a small bowl of cool smooth French Vanilla... Why not? You’ve been “good”?

Maybe you’re too pressed for time to make it to the gym on Wednesdays… Or too exhausted to drag yourself out of bed in the morning to sneak in a run before the day starts.

I understand, it happens to everyone because diet aren’t made for you.  
Here’s A Weird Thing That Dogs,
 Cats And Humans Have In Common...
We are the ONLY three creatures on Earth that become obese.

Even whales are a healthy 12% body fat on average. How can this be?

It’s because of our recent eating behaviors!

We Evolved To Be Fit.
You see, in nature it really is survival of the fittest.  

The overweight zebra is too slow to outrun a hungry lion.  

Similarly, a few extra pounds on a caveman makes the difference between living to the next day or not.

As a result, nature developed a fine-tuned mechanism to keep us fit. You balance your appetite with your current body fat levels.

The recent emergence of fast food and faster lifestyles has broken this fine-tuned mechanism!
“But How Is My Friend So Skinny 
No Matter WHAT She Devours??”
For every woman struggling to fit back into her skinny jeans is her friend...

The friend that can eat anything she wants and not gain an ounce of fat.

I realized this during Springtime after a harsh Upstate New York Winter.  

It felt as if I’d done nothing but eat and work for the long winter months- and it showed.  
I tipped the scale at over 200 pounds. With the weather changing I could no longer hide behind bulky jackets and baggy sweatshirts.  

Naturally, I followed the popular diet advice.  

I counted every single calorie.  

Ran until it felt as though my kidney’s were about to burst.  

I even fight to ignore stomach pains laying awake fighting off cravings for pizza.  

Yet, without a second thought, one of my best friends would eat McDonalds, brownies, ice cream, and pizza. Not a single smidge of fat was gained.

She laughed at all the “rules” I followed only to lose a couple of pounds for a few weeks.
Do You Want The Power To Eat
 Whatever And Still Lose Weight?
That’s when I dug deep.  

I didn’t find helpful answers when studying our metabolism. That’s been the same for tens of thousands of years!  

Instead, I found the answer in our psychology.

You see, your metabolism is the rate at which you burn energy.  

This is controlled by hormones. These chemical messengers which zip around and deliver information.  

Some hormones (ghrelin) make you hungry. Some hormones make you burn fat (epinephrine). Some hormones literally inflate your fat cells (insulin).

The Hormone NO ONE talks about.
But what controls those hormones? 


I discovered that the food you eat controls your hormones. Based on the timing, amount, and quality of fat, sugars, and proteins you eat determines a majority of your metabolic function.

The good news is that you choose the food you eat. Your food is a habit based on your tastes and daily routines.
Once You Flip Your Lean Switch
 You’ll See The Fat Melt Off
Heck- people have seen 30-50 pounds of excess fat MELT right off their stomach as they chow down on nothing but twinkies, McDonalds, or even potatoes.  

No exercise.  

No kale.  

No crazy supplements.

It seems how you eat and why you eat determine the effect of the food on your body.

In working with clients and seeing how women who are simply lean behave I’ve discovered 9 essential behaviors.  

I’ve distilled these behaviors into a FREE video series to install being fit and lean directly into your subconscious.

It’s just as simple as flipping a switch to reset your natural hunger mechanisms so you can lose weight and not your mind.

Inside Of This Astonishingly Effective Video Series, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE…
  • Why “pigging out” can actually accelerate your fat loss results by resetting your leptin levels (works even better for women!). 
  •  Discover the 4 ways that your food is forcing your body to cling to excess fat even if you work hard to eat healthy. 
  •  The ancient Japanese practice that works better than intermittent fasting to drop fat while you still enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! 
  •  Would you eat LARGE movie-theater sized bags of stale popcorn? One study tricked dozens into doing just that. Flip the script on this phenomenon to eat less and lose weight faster. 
  •  A little-known research-backed technique to eat as much as you want 7 days a week and STILL lose weight. 
  •  The Greatest Fat Loss Truth of all time: The 2-minute Harvard Trick to make sure you don’t eat junk food even if your roommates, kids, or spouse keeps it in the house. One weird way your plate can make you lose weight faster. 
  •  The #1 Eating Habit of the naturally lean. Master this and you’ll NEVER have a weight problem again. 
  •  Quit counting calories or spending half of your meal logging what you eat… instead calculate your macronutrients in a moment using ONLY your hands. 
  •  Break free from the physical dependence on salt, sugar, and oil dense processed foods in just 60 seconds a day- this alone can flush away your first 5 pounds before the week ends! 
  •  Demolish emotional eating in 2 short minutes according to one Harvard Research Protocol and never suffer from painful food cravings again. 
  •  The “energy density” tactic you’ve never heard of that makes fat loss surprising simple. Say goodbye to weighing food or even measuring it out. 
  •  What those Skinny B****es do to eat that beefy burger dripping with juice without guilt as you quietly eat salads. NO it’s not genetics. 
  •  Stop eating less with the formula that maximizes your fullness while secretly cutting calories without you realizing it. 
  •  The HUNGER GAME that you can play in 7 seconds before every meal to drastically reduce cravings and cut weight. 
  •  DON’T go to a restaurant until you see the 14-second test that helps you lose weight even if you eat out every night. 
  •  The “no-rules” hack to enjoy yourself during holidays with friends and family without gaining an ounce of fat. Don’t suffer from “diet-resistant fat”. 
  •  You’re just a victim of the Food Availability Bias that is tricking you into gaining weight despite of how much you exercise or try to diet. 
  •  Tap into the LAZIEST way to shrink your waist. This trick you can use at the house, the grocery store, and even out to eat. 
  •  The free app on your phone to eat less without spending hundreds of dollars on inaccurate apps and invasive fitness trackers. 
  •  The critical moment most miss when dining out that make all the difference in fat loss. 
  •  Have you heard of Food scarcity? It’s a deep psychological cause of your fat loss problems but NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT. Shatter this illusion and get in the best shape of your life. 
  •  Let me flip the fat loss switch in your brain to kick your natural satiety mechanisms into over drive so you never feel like you’re dieting or depriving yourself.
And That's JUST The First Few Videos! 

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That's Not All You Get!
As a bonus gift for claiming your spot to go through The Lean Switch I have The 7 Bikini Body Smoothie Recipe Book for you!

                                                              You'll get...
  •  The 7 "tried-and-tested" smoothies me and my clients LOVE.  Honestly, they feel more like milkshakes and less like smoothies.
  •   Stop wasting time and money on exotic hard to find ingredients and discover Everyday Superfoods you can find in Walmart but still flush away fat.
  • Unlock the hidden power of Culinary Herbalism with herbs used for over 2,000 years to flatten your belly, reduce stress, and even 4x your energy.
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I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. It’s my way of saying thank you for your support.

2. Because (unlike other "guru's") I don’t make all my money coaching clients (I actually run other real businesses writing marketing materials)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

3. I'm kinda pissed off... I'm not going to lie. I'm sick of people throwing together crazy diet and workout plans that only work for a little… before you gain the weight right back.  

I think 99% of what is said online is complete B.S. 

So, I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUE, show the actual reason why you overeat and the simple habits behind what me and my clients do to stay lean year-round... 
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I dedicate my morning to reading the latest research studies, textbooks, and top video courses. Pretty soon I’ll expand The Lean Switch. Of course, if you buy today you’ll be one of the first to access these updates. Otherwise, when it’s gone… well it’s gone!

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Zack Zeller
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